AP&R: spill tab, babychaos and other rising artists to check


Every month, Alternative Press is sharing some of our favorite new releases. From Los Angeles punk to metal, this month’s AP&R list spans across diverse genres, bringing you a unique list of up-and-coming artists. Check out these rising artists who will soon become your new favorite below.

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spill tab

CHECK OUT: “Velcro” (feat. Gus Dapperton)

French-Korean artist spill tab explores the difficulties of loneliness in “Velcro” featuring Gus Dapperton. She sings, “Oh, no/I’m so bad at going solo/I’m attached to being ’motional/Catching onto shit like velcro,” with her sickeningly sweet vocals reminiscent of Billie Eilish. The track begins with a simple guitar riff that eventually crescendos alongside her vocals, sonically tracing the story of someone learning they’re better off alone rather than being with someone who makes them feel alone.


CHECK OUT: “They Fear Us”

They Fear Us” is the title track from hardcore ensemble Ithaca’s sophomore album. The band spent over three times longer creating their new record, which definitely pays off. “They Fear Us” is a dark and personal track led by a massive chorus from vocalist Djamila Boden Azzouz. The band chose to release the title track as the first single because it reflects all the themes of the album, “discovering and harnessing inner power, strength, revenge and retribution; challenging masculine power structures both in a general but also [in a] deeply personal sense.”

Dead City

CHECK OUT: “80s baby”

Los Angeles punks Dead City are on their own wave. “80s baby,” from 2021’s fuck the opps, immediately showcases each member of the band absolutely going off. The frantic guitar riffs match the menacing drums to create a delirious listening experience. There isn’t a single moment of rest during this 83-second burst, bringing to mind Fear and Circle Jerks. All the while, vocalist Miker One screams along to the chaos, creating a song that’ll have you shredding your throat and sporting bruises.

Los Saints

CHECK OUT: “Fouund You Somewhere”

Fouund You Somewhere” is Los Saints’, whose are all first-generation Mexican-Americans, first studio recording and first single on Enci Records. Angel Mariscal says the song is about “yearning for something that you lost and holding on to what could have been, if things were done differently.” The vocalist contemplates the feeling of finding their former lover with someone else, enthusiastically singing, “Light myself on fire/Waiting for someone to put me out.” But don’t let the longing and regret behind the lyrics fool you — the guitar-led track glitters with optimistic tones.


CHECK OUT: “Angels”

Angels” is a stunning first look at Hamond’s forthcoming project, Pirate Radio. He says the song is about “being watched over and protected by people around you, even when things are not perfect — they are the angels.” Fittingly, its core is an arrangement of angelic strings that Hamond chopped up and paired with neo-soul elements, creating a dichotomy of sound reminiscent of the modern adaptation of Romeo + Juliet starring Leonardo DiCaprio. But unlike the feuding families in the Shakespeare drama, the two styles blend naturally to create a warm environment for Hamond’s vocals to reside.


CHECK OUT: “Call From You”

Call From You” comes off Anxious’ first album with Run For Cover Records, Little Green House. Anxious have roots in hardcore, but their new music is more akin to pop punk. As vocalist Grady Allen says, “Call From You” is “unapologetically melodic.” They’ve slightly softened the hard edges of their original body of work to create something sweeter, more polished — but that’s not to say the track doesn’t pack a punch. The song follows a dialogue from Allen as he struggles to overcome the anxieties of speaking to someone for the first time in a while.



CHAMBER” marks Banshee’s return to the metal world after leaving it due to issues of abuse. While heavy metal became triggering to her, she found solace in hip-hop, classic house music and modern EDM. She fuses them together to create trap-metal, which signals a new era for the musician. With whispers that grow into full-out screams, the track sends a message to listeners that no matter what you wear or how you act, your body is yours. She romanticizes setting boundaries, singing, “You can come into my room/But do not fucking touch me/I don’t owe you anything.”



Lyzzie Larosa, aka babychaos, makes music with rap, metal and industrial influences. She wrote “PLAYGOD” during a time when she was questioning her confidence and path in life, the lyrics full of religious references turned into tools of self-empowerment. Larosa explains the name of the track, saying, “the term ‘Playgod’ is a double entendre, meaning we can ‘role-play’ and pretend to be God ourselves, or ‘play/trick’ God to think we’re washed away of all our wrongdoing as long as we pretend to be holier than thou.”

Tessa Rae

CHECK OUT: “r u over me”

Tessa Rae shows her vulnerable side on “r u over me.” She details all the quintessential emotions of a relationship in flux: not being able to eat, go out or chill out as she wonders, “Are you over me?” The candid lyrics are set atop a world of upbeat indie-pop sounds mixed with electronic beats. The vibrant sonic landscape calls to mind the minefields one must navigate while being in a relationship, or while they look back on one.

Angelnumber 8

CHECK OUT: “Sublime”

Some might know angel number 8 as a sign of success, prosperity and balance, but it’s the latter that shines through in Angelnumber 8’s music. He pulls from the music of his parents’ native Liberia as well as from psych-rock, electronic and experimental sounds. The lyrics of “Sublime” showcase this balance as he encourages listeners not to give up, singing, “Maybe the time might be sublime/Maybe our river will run dry.”

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