Bob Vylan drop ‘The Price Of Life,’ share new video


Bob Vylan have released the new album The Price Of Life via their own Ghost Theatre label. They’ve also shared a new music video for “Wicked & Bad.”

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The band spoke at length about the new album in a press release.

This album comes at a very strange time. It was initially meant to come out much earlier, but certain things weren’t in place for us to do so. I say it comes at a strange time because we wrote it before the major attention on the cost of living crisis that so many of us are suffering from at the moment due to greedy government policies that have left people choosing between heating and eating, but it seems as though the album is more relevant now than it could have ever been, which is an incredibly sad thing to realize about your own artistic creation, but a sadder thing to realise about the state of this country and the so-called leaders in charge of it.

The album is a detailing of various interactions with money from all the walks of life that we have witnessed or been part of, some of them dangerous, some of them musical, some monotonous, some less glamorous than others but all of them important in their own way. This is the best musical output of our career so far, and it brings us immense joy to finally offer it to people, but it brings us immense sadness to be so accurate with the relevancy of the subject matter throughout.

Order The Price Of Life here, and check out the video for “Wicked & Bad” below.

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