Boyish share “I Think I Hate It Here” video ahead


Boyish have shared a new single titled “I Think I Hate It Here.” The release is from their upcoming EP My Friend Mica, out this spring.

A music video filmed in a New York City boxing gym accompanies the track. Chase Denton directed the visual.

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Guitarist Claire Altendahl spoke at length about the new single in a press release.

“I Think I Hate it Here” was written after a fight with an ex on a date night at the movies. For a long time, I had been very anxious in movie theaters, and this particular fight was about how their anxiety ruined the night. The song is about feeling like you can’t match what someone wants from you. I always have had this deep fear that the more anxious someone realizes I am, the more turned off they will be.

I feel like sometimes I can’t do normal things that other people like to do on dates, so this song comes from a place of feeling undateable. It’s like the buildup of a lifetime of feeling like you’re missing out on the little things, into one big burst of energy. But really, behind it all there’s a lot of self-doubt and insecurity.

Additionally, vocalist India Shore detailed the creation of the new video.

“The music video idea came to me in a dream,” she says. “I really wanted it to take place in a boxing ring. And for Claire and I to just beat each other up. I feel like a lot of times, anxiety just feels like getting beaten up by yourself. We wanted to create different characters, or different versions of ourselves that would beat us up in real life… [Chase Denton] helped us to finalize the concept. For most of the video, it’s just him chasing us around with a handheld camera.”

Check out the video for “I Think I Hate It Here” below.

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