daine drops debut mixtape ‘Quantum Jumping,’ shares “weekends” video


daine has dropped her debut mixtape, Quantum Jumping. Coinciding with the release, the artist has also shared a music video for “weekends.”

daine‘s Quantum Jumping is a “tombstone to her adolescence,” according to a press release. The mixtape is a chronological timeline of the first songs she wrote at 16.

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“weekends” finds daine struggling to deal with her thoughts while she’s alone. She sings, “But I don’t feel sad now it’s over/Everybody wanna say shit I know her/Since day one I been a loner/Anybody claiming OG is a poser.”

The relatable lyrics combined with emo-pop sounds convey this feeling of solitude while simultaneously grappling with the power of teenage emotion.

Watch the video for “weekends,” and listen to the rest of Quantum Jumping below.

[Photo courtesy of daine]

Quantum Jumping tracklist

1. “cemetery dreams”
2. “weekends”
3. “IDC”
4. “black and blue”
5. “glitter”
6. “comes and goes”
7. “new ground”

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