Eddie Van Halen Exposes David Lee Roth As Fraud In


David Lee Roth had seemingly rejected Eddie Van Halen’s final 2015 tour. Eddie’s email exchanges with a fan named Blair before Van Halen’s final 2015 tour has come to light which was recently released on Rolling Stone.

Eddie Van Halen was seemingly turned down by David Lee Roth

Eddie said leading up to the July 5 tour opener in Auburn, Washington, that “I have a feeling Roth will not sing any of the deep cuts. I think we should play them with or without him, what do you think??”

“That’s insane is what I think. Roth can’t sing for shit at this point, and everyone knows it — but Van Halen karaoke?” 

Eddie had attempted to clarify:

“I’m talking about asking the audience to just sing along and tell them Roth doesn’t want to sing them,” he begins. “And if they go nuts, then tell them we’re gonna spend the next 15 to 20 minutes just you and us, without Roth. I think it’s gonna force Roth to come around and it can be kinda fun without him.”

Previously, it was noted how Eddie had discussed going to Germany and Switzerland for lung cancer treatment to make himself a ‘guinea pig’ in a desperate attempt to prolong his life in text messages with the fan named Blair.  One procedure, Eddie said in a text, “felt like two hands digging a 44-magnum bullet out of my chest.”

He was then asked if he got recognized at hospitals. “People really don’t recognize me like in the ’80s or ’90s,” he responds. “They might look at me like it might be me and sometimes they ask.” Other times Ed heard them say as they walked away, “F**k, that was Eddie Van Halen!!”

Eddie had died of a stroke at Saint John’s Health Center in Santa Monica, California, on October 6, 2020, at the age of 65.

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