Fans react to shocking Stranger Things 4 finale


Warning: This article contains spoilers on Stranger Things season 4, volume 2. 

With Hawkins’ fate swinging in peril between two worlds almost shattering into each other, how will our lovable rag-tag team of misfits restore balance to the universe once again?

Stranger Things season 4, volume 2 aired today on Netflix. As the world watched along, many people took to social media to air their grievances with the shocking twists and turns that came with the finale.

Just to recap, we left off with Eleven’s traumatic reconnection with her powers and her past, one that revealed Vecna’s true identity as someone she’d known all along. Meanwhile, half of El’s gang is escaping the government currently trying to track down Eleven, and the remainder of her friends have set out a plan to hunt down Vecna’s physical body. Hopper, Joyce and Murray all reunite and try to escape back to America, with help from their newfound Russian friends.

The adorable kids we once knew are absolute badasses

Our journey with these characters saw them, and the actors who play them, as children. Growing up with them, we’ve seen each person in the Stranger Things universe come into their own, face their fears and become absolute badasses.

We just want to give Will a hug. No, really.

We shouldn’t laugh, but the memes were just too good.

The finale was heartbreak central for our favorite comfort characters

It’s how every good series goes. You get attached to a character, and just like that — they’re gone. Max may have survived, but at what cost?

This one. This one really hurt us

All things considered, at least we got some happy endings

This will be our mood for the rest of the year

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