Foo Fighters Last Show Money Payment Revealed


While it’s true that there isn’t much new news at all out of the Foo Fighters camp right now, and understandably so as the band has essentially canceled all future shows with the tragic passing of their drummer, Taylor Hawkins, earlier this year, this is some things to report in regards to past performances. One such performance, which could be argued as one of the last Foo Fighters shows with the classic lineup was held in Victoria, Australia at Geelong Tills in which the group earned a staggering dollar amount for the city in Taylor Hawkins’ Australian swan song.

However, new data shows that particular appearance did quite a bit for the city as well as over one million dollars ($1.3 million) went into the city’s dining and entertainment sector.

In other news circling the Foo Fighters and Taylor Hawkins, back in 2021, the late Foo Fighters drummer was asked about being offered to join Foo Fighters when Dave Grohl called him directly to recommend someone. Hawkins would touch on that and elaborate on that more during an interview with Kerrang. Credit to the outlet for the below.

“Well, it didn’t go like that. I was a huge fan of the first Foo Fighters record. I’d met Dave a couple of times on the road and we’d become sort of friends. I was driving with my girlfriend at the time, and we were listening to [Los Angeles radio station] KROQ. I heard William had departed and they were looking for a new drummer. I scrambled to get Dave’s number and called him. I said, ‘I heard you guys are looking for a drummer,’ and he said, ‘Well, do you know any?’. I thought Alanis wanted to go in a more laid-back direction, and it seemed like the right time to jump. Alanis didn’t need me! I said to Dave, ‘I’ll play drums for you,’ and we jammed a couple of times. I remember I was at home watching [1995 erotic drama] Showgirls with my girlfriend, and Dave called to ask if I wanted to join.”

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