Halo Boy drops new single “Burn Down Hollywood”—listen


Halo Boy has released the new single “Burn Down Hollywood.” The song opens with the chimes of a xylophone, reminiscent of something you might hear when you open a child’s jewelry box.

The track then transitions into fuzzy guitar riffs as the lyrics trace a love gone sour. Halo Boy sings, “When I see your name in lights/I want to burn down Hollywood.”

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“Burn Down Hollywood” follows the release of his 2021 single “Autopilot.” Halo Boy spoke about the new track in a press release.

“I feel like when a relationship with somebody turns negative and becomes toxic, it’s easy to develop a bad taste for things that you relate to that person,” he explains. “In this case, I feel like Hollywood culture has taken on a negative light in my mind. When you still care about someone, it’s easier to direct your anger and sadness toward something associated with them instead of directing it right at them.”

Listen to “Burn Down Hollywood” below.

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