Ice Nine Kills release “Hunting Season” from ‘PUBG: NEW STATE’


Ice Nine Kills have returned with a new track “Hunting Season.” The track was originally written for the battle royale game PUBG: NEW STATE expansion The Fall Of Troi.

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Ice Nine Kills shared a video on Twitter that features a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of the song.

“The producers of the game hit us up, and they happened to be Ice Nine Kills fans,” vocalist Spencer Charnas explains. “They were trying to find a band that could write a song that brought out the intensity of the game. They knew that we [are] known for taking films and adapting them to music.

“We got to play it before anyone, which was really cool,” he continues. “We were blown away by the game… [it] reminded me of what I loved about video games to begin with… I did a lot of research on stuff I knew the fans would want included, especially in the lyrics.”

Listen to “Hunting Season” below.

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