Joe Quinn used heavy metal to get into character for


Joe Quinn, a new addition to the Stranger Things cast, cites heavy metal as an acting inspiration. Quinn plays Eddie Munson, a sixth-year senior at Hawkins High School.

Munson’s obsession with ’80s metal is apparent from his voluminous perm to the band pins that dot his denim jacket.

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Munson leads Hawkins High’s Dungeons & Dragons club, Hellfire. Quinn, who previously had a small role in Game Of Thrones, tried to use the tabletop game to relate to his character but found ’80s metal to be a better way to get into character.

“I bought a book to try and understand what Dungeons & Dragons was about, and it didn’t agree with me,” Quinn told Entertainment Weekly. “I listened to a lot of heavy metal and that was my… God, it’s impossible to not sound pretentious when you say it, but yeah, that was my way in.”

When conceptualizing the character, the Duffer Brothers wanted Munson to resemble Jareth (David Bowie) from Labyrinth, but Quinn disagreed.

“Unfortunately, I’m not David Bowie, so I didn’t think that I could pull that off,” Quinn says. “I wanted something that was normal, of this world, more like a mullet. But we compromised. I mean, it’s still objectively ridiculous, but it serves the character really well.

Stranger Things 4, Volume 1 premiered on Netflix May 27. Volume 2 is set to debut July 1.

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