Johnny Depp Rips Off Song With Jeff Beck?


This truly takes ‘stolen material’ to a whole new level. Johnny Depp and Jeff Beck’s collaborative album entitled ’18’ came out digitally on July 15th. A vinyl edition is also set for release on September 30th of this year. It was recently touched upon by legacy entertainment news outlet Rolling Stone that one of those tracks featured on the LP entitled ‘Sad Motherf***ing Parade’ featured plagiarized lines from a piece of poetry entitled “Hobo Ben, a toast’ by known robber and murderer Slim Wilson. This piece would be recorded by Bruce Jackson back in the 1960s. This Johnny Depp girlfriend bombshell was recently revealed.

The lyrics in question are the following: “Ladies of culture and beauty so refined, is there one among you that would grant me wine? / I’m raggedy I know, but I have no stink / and God bless the lady that’ll buy me a drink” and “Heavy-hipted Hattie turned to Nadine with a laugh / and said, ‘What that funky motherf***er really need, child, is a bath.’”

In other news concerning Jeff Beck, legendary guitarist Joe Bonamassa discussed being on tour with Jeff Beck in a recent interview with Guitar. Credit to the outlet for the below.

“[Beck] would retreat into his dressing room and he’d take his guitar and plug it into his little practice amp – it was probably just some little battery-powered thing. And I should have been playing too because we had to go on before; I couldn’t even look at the guitar while I was listening to that.

Continuing he said: “It made you want to weep and you’re like ‘It’s him, it comes out of him, and it doesn’t matter if it’s a little practice amp, you just give him a guitar and he’ll figure out a way to get these sounds out of it, and that’s complete raw talent, it’s not the equipment, it’s just him.”

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