Kayleigh Goldsworthy drops “You’re Good” ahead of ‘Learning To Be


Kayleigh Goldsworthy has released the new single “You’re Good.” The track comes from her upcoming album Learning To Be Happy, which arrives May 6.

According to a press release, the track describes Goldsworthy as she tries to get over a breakup, coming to terms with the fact that her ex is treating their new partner better than they treated her.

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Learning To Be Happy, like many recent albums, was born out of the chaos of the pandemic. Goldsworthy was playing in bands for Frank Iero (My Chemical Romance), Kevin Devine, Bayside, Chuck Ragan and more.

But when the touring industry was shut down, Goldsworthy realized she had the time to do something on her own. She describes the album as “a never-ending waxing and waning.”

“You’re Good” follows Goldsworthy’s other singles “Boomerang,” “Overambitious” and “Keep The Light On.”

Listen to Kayleigh Goldsworthy’s “You’re Good” below.

Learning To Be Happy tracklisting

1. “Losing My Mind”
2. “Better”
3. “Keep The Light On”
4. “Overambitious”
5. “Call Your Mother”
6. “Happy Again”
7. “I Want To Know”
8. “Boomerang”
9. “You’re Good”
10. “Little Ghost”

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