Keith Richards Drops Retirement Bombshell


During a recent conversation with CBS Sunday Morning, the legendary Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards spoke about his possible retirement from not only the band that he help co-found but from music in general. He also reflected on the chances of sale of the Rolling Stones catalog.

Keith Richards provides update on his retirement plans

Richards revealed that he has been writing new music for the band with Mick Jagger. With drummer Steve Jordan now officially a part of the band and Richards and Jagger busy writing new music, the Rolling Stones still show no signs of wanting to slow down, even after sixty years of making rock ‘n’ roll history.

During the conversation, Richards also explained how the band hasn’t seriously considered selling their catalog so far (a trend which has been growing ever more prominent over the past few years) and doesn’t intend to do so shortly either. Richards explained:

“Mick and I have not spoken about [selling the Rolling Stones catalog] on a serious level. I don’t know if we’re ready to sell our catalog – drag it out a bit [laughs], put some more stuff in it. You only think about selling your catalog – that’s a sign of getting old.”

He was then asked if he ever thought about how much longer he could keep writing and performing music, Richards replied:

“If I did that I wouldn’t be coming up with an answer. And then I’d be always thinking about it. You know, I mean, tomorrow? No, July the fifth 2025? No, you can’t – no, I’ll find out the hard way.”

We will have to see how long he decides to work to entertain the fans with the songs.

During a new conversation with CBS This Morning, Richards revealed he feels much better after quitting smoking as the legendary Stones member said: “I didn’t notice things until I started rehearsing for the tour last year and when I started working, I noticed I had more air in the lungs and in the voice.”

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