LIGHTS releases ‘PEP,’ featuring Josh Dun, Kiesza and Elohim—listen


LIGHTS has released her new album PEP via Fueled By Ramen. The album features artists including Josh Dun, Kiesza and Elohim.

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LIGHTS recently spoke to Alternative Press about her “lasts.” When asked about the last book she read, she revealed the story behind the track “Prodigal Daughter.”

“It was a book about sexual confidence called Come As You Are,”she says. “It’s a very empowering book. The song ‘Prodigal Daughter,’ the first one that came out from [new album] PEP, is really about rediscovering sexuality after leaving the oppression of societal and religious expectation. I’m not religious, but I was raised a religious kid, and you have to shed all that and rediscover your ownership of self. A lot of the reading material that I’ve read over the pandemic has been really good. That’s one of them.”

Listen to LIGHTS‘ new album PEP below.

LIGHTS appeared in issue #405, available here

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