Machine Gun Kelly Reveals Rock Savior After Kurt Cobain


Machine Gun Kelly(MGK) has been instrumental in the revival of rock music over these past few years. The future of the genre is definitely starting to look brighter with the younger audience is being built, over 20 years after rock’s last icon Kurt Cobain died. MGK seems to be the next rock icon.

It has been noted that Måneskin had won the Eurovision contest last year and are now launching their first US tour. The trend of TikTok guitarists is still on the rise, Ghost’s “Impera” has been performing  well, and there has been a boost in rock music consumption during the last year.

Machine Gun Kelly opens up on Rock music

In a recent interview with Billboard, Machine Gun Kelly indicated that rock music is getting popular again is due to him. As it is noted in the Billboard article, MGK”s 2020 album “Tickets to my Downfall” – which saw him adopt a guitar-driven pop-punk/rock sound. The debut topped the Billboard 200 chart, and was the first album to be classified as such that did so in over a year.

He went on to comment on the commercial success of “Tickets” and how it relates to the current state of rock music, Kelly said:

“It opened the lane back up for people to make money. It opened up these festivals. [Rock] needed a defibrillator. Who cares who gives it, just as long as that motherfucker doesn’t die?”

MGK transitioned from the rap style which marked his rise through the music industry’s ranks to the one showcased on “Tickets” – which is also said to mark his next effort “Mainstream Sellout” that’s being released today (March 25) – was perceived as rather abrupt and unexpected.

On his decision to give in and “take guitar lessons”, MGK commented:

The 2010s was great for singers and rappers, and I was part of that. But I think we needed something else: We needed an instrument. Kids come up to me like, ‘Dude, the first time I ever saw someone play guitar in concert was at your concert — and now I take guitar lessons.’”

The sudden shift led to MGK being called a poser and a cosplay punk, to which he replies:

“I know it kills certain bands in that community that I got the success that I got. But I earned that shit. Dude, I was fucking loading up the van with our drums and amps in 2010, driving to Indiana and Chicago, playing Warped Tour. I can tell you the fucking Wi-Fi codes to venues in Blackfoot, Idaho. Can you say that shit as a band?”

As someone who has just recently started to “take guitar lessons”, MGK appears aware of his own limitation as a player, but argues how it was never his wish to portray himself as the next Eddie Van Halen or Dimebag Darrell.

He takes pride in never playing to a prerecorded track (which includes his performances at various award shows he’s been attending as of late):

“Never once was I like, ‘I need to be touted as the greatest guitar player,’ but you know what, though? I’m playing my f–king guitar, and you guys stopped.

“F–k that! At least mine sounds like how I was feeling that day, and maybe I was feeling angry, or I was drunk and I didn’t give a f–k. But if I have to be a scapegoat for people’s own insecurities, whatever. I’m more punk rock than you are because at least I’m willing to put my ass on the line — like, hear me as I am, today.”

Machine Gun Kelly recently announced a massive, 52-date worldwide arena tour that will keep him on the road from early June through mid-October.

Machine Gun Kelly 2022 Tour

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