MAGNET Exclusive: Premiere Of Delta Spirit’s “One Is One”


While past Delta Spirit albums have incorporated electronic beats and samples, the band’s upcoming release, One Is One (New West), takes it to another level. The title track—which MAGNET is premiering here—is but one example, its robotic synth groove providing an unlikely foundation for an unexpectedly funky and soulful life lesson.

“Electronic music has always landed within our Venn diagram of taste,” says frontman Matthew Logan Vasquez. “For me, I already have other projects that house different genre subsets. Delta Spirit checks those modern and epic boxes. It’s fun to create this type of music, especially with what my bandmates bring to the table.”

Over its 15-year existence, Delta Spirit’s SoCal-skewed version of Americana has never shied away from the new or the unexpected. It’s something the band’s fans have come to expect. At any point has Vasquez felt he’s taken the experiment too far?

“The only time I ever listened to that voice or line of thinking, I found myself regretting it later,” he says. “I actually have a whole finished record sitting on the shelf that I made between our (2012) self-titled and (2014) Into The Wide albums. Now I figure I’ll keep it there until its 20th anniversary. It’s very odd, but extremely creative and joyful, too.” 

Set for release on May 20, One Is One is Delta Spirit’s sixth album and its second in two years. Prior to that, the quintet took a six-year break after Into The Wide, which many considered the group’s best effort to date.

“I was pretty unhappy in the band and had to stop before we stopped being friends,” says Vasquez. “Long-term collaboration is fucking hard. I’ve been fortunate to have a second career as a solo artist under my own name. It took a lot of work to get that to a stable place, but now it seems the two can co-exist.”

—Hobart Rowland

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