Mick Jagger Parties With Keith Richards In Spain Photos


The Rolling Stones, who recently had this tour bombshell revealed have long embraced the rock and roll and party lifestyle as one of the greatest legacy acts of the genre recently added a notch in their party belts. The group, who are currently embarking on an anticipated tour called ‘Sixty’ which will be a celebration of The Rolling Stones’ Sixty years as a group and a collective unit recently landed in Madrid, Spain. The band, namely the ever-so-flashy Mick Jagger and equally elder statesman, Keith Richards can be seen living it up at a fancy flamenco party.

Jagger was accompanied by himself while Richards can be seen alongside his long-time partner, the always-fetching, Patti Hansen. Photos of the encounter can be seen below. Credit to Acabapress along with Splashpress.com for the following picture credit.

In other news concerning The Rolling Stones, during a recent interview with The Sun’s Bizarre column, Keith Richards responded to the UK-based outlet about the band’s longevity and how he wants The Rolling Stones to stay together. Credit to the outlet for the below.

“Life’s just too interesting to die,” he said. “Anything I wanted to do had to be done – I couldn’t slack off. And hey, there was just an awful lot of cocaine involved.

Continuing Richards said: “I think the most important thing is that the people in the band want to stay together. That helps! We had our ups and downs, of course. But in the end we always noticed that we are more creative together.

He concluded: “And, of course, across these – my God! – six decades, you have got used to each other. The special thing about being part of a well-rehearsed group is knowing the others so well that you can predict up to a certain point what is going to happen next.”

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