Pearl Jam New ‘Beverly Hills’ Album Stuns Fans


Pearl Jam are hopefully set to release new music very soon, and they are adding a new live member to the band. Many fans of the band know the original lineup who have brought such great music to all over previous years. As the band starts to move even more forward with their sound; they felt it may be best to get a fresh face into the band to breathe some new life into an already well oiled machine in the live setting with Josh Klinghoffer.

Enter the famed, Andrew Watt as well for the new album. Andrew has been known in music for his many pop hits that are more outside of the realm of bands such as Pearl Jam. While that may be true, he has still been a big mainstay between members of the band who feel that he knows Pearl Jam better than Pearl Jam know themselves. Watt has been seen taking on some shows from artists from Post Malone to Eddie Vedder. Fans across the board have welcomed him with open arms as they all know his talent. Stone Gossard of Pearl Jam also knows what he brings to the table and how to utilize him, with Pearl Jam’s new album being recorded in Beverly Hills.

Stone states: “We’ve recorded a little bit with him, so we’ve got some things going already, and they’re killer. This is incredible news for fans of Pearl Jam and Andrew Watt as these acts are finally joining forces via new music.

Stone Gossard reveals at SPIN: We’re psyched. Andrew is a total character. Really, like immediately, we were writing quickly. Spontaneously. Bring in a riff. Let’s knock it out. Matt Cameron is playing his ass off. We didn’t bring any gear down. We were just doing some recording in Andrew’s basement in Beverly Hills, basically. So far, so good.” Watt’s talents are incredible and this should breathe some new life into Pearl Jam to really continue to push them forward.

Stone finishes: “Andrew knows how to play all of our songs better than we do, and knows the catalog,” according to Gossard. “He’s known for some of his pop hits, which I personally love, but he really is a great musician and he knows the band well enough to know when we’re hitting something. His perspective has been great. I hope we continue with that process. It’s been fruitful, everything that we’ve done so far. We’ll see how long it takes to finish it off.

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