Pink Siifu releases ‘GUMBO’! (DELUXE’!!),’ “Fk U Mean/ Hold me


Pink Siifu‘s GUMBO’! (DELUXE’!!) has arrived. In addition, he’s shared a new music video for “Fk U Mean/ Hold Me Dwn.”

GUMBO’! (DELUXE’!!) features 10 new tracks packed with features. Artists on the deluxe edition include Zelooperz, Valee, Remy Banks, Kamilah and more. It also features production by Kenny Beats, Swarvy and Michael White, among others.

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Pink Siifu spoke to Alternative Press about the inspiration behind his music for issue #401.

“Being all over the place, at least sonically, helps me be grounded because I’m never getting stale with something,” he says. “I’m never getting tired or bored with something, and I’m always trying to better myself, trying to reach another level. I listen to everything. Not like monkey see, monkey do, but if I’m really gravitating to some music, then I’mma try to make that shit in some way. Like in my way.”

Check out the video for “Fk U Mean/ Hold Me Dwn” below.

GUMBO’! (DELUXE’!!) tracklisting

1. “Gumbo’! 4 tha Folks, Hold On” (feat. Big Rube, Liv.e, Nick Hakim, V.C.R) (prod. Dj Harrison)

2. “Wayans Bros.” (feat. Peso Gordon) (prod. Conquest Tony Phillips)

3. “Roscoe’!” (prod. Ted Kamal)

4. “Fk U Mean/ Hold me Dwn” (prod. LastnameDavid/prod. Osagie)

5. “Bussin’ (Cold)” (feat. Turich Benjy) (prod. MichaelxWhite)

6. “Pink & Green, White & Gold” (Devin Burgess x iiye)

7. “BACK’!” (prod. iiye x WAARVY)

8. “Doin Tew Much. (In My Mama Name)” (prod. Butch Dawson)

9. “4sho’7” (feat. B. Cool-Aid) (prod. Ahwlee)

10. “Living Proof (Family)” (prod. The Alchemist)

11. “Scurrrrd” (feat. Big Rube, Georgia Anne Muldrow, Asal Hazel, & Nick Hakim) (prod. Dj Harrison, iiye)

12. “SMILE (wit yo Gold)” (feat V.C.R, CoCo O.) (prod. Butcher Brown)

13. “Call tha Bro (Tapped In)” (feat. Maxo) (prod. Foisey, Butcher Brown)

14. “BRAVO’!” (feat. Turich Benjy, Jaybee Lamahj, Swaggy Q, Peso Gordon,Vonbeezy) (prod. Lee Tensei / Apollo Rome)

15. “Voicemails Uptown” (feat. Turich Benjy, Lance Skiiiwalker, Jaybee Lamahj, V.C.R, Nelson Bandela) (prod. Monte Booker)

16. “Big Ole” (feat. BbyMutha) (prod. Conquest Tony Phillips)

17. “lng hair dnt care” (prod. Ted Kamal)

18. “Play On’! Inshallah” (feat. Liv.e, Kamilah) (prod. Notwolfy)

19. “Gumbo’! 4 tha Folks, Hold On Remix’!!” (feat. Big Rube, Liv.e, Nick Hakim, V.C.R) (prod. Dj Harrison)

20. “Juice Or Rep” (feat. Lord Byron) (prod. Ben Hixon)

21. “All Dat” (prod. Michael White)

22. “OldSchool’!/BEEP’!” (prod. LastNameDavid / Ted Kamal)

23. “BIG DawG’!” (prod. Kenny Beats)

24. “ThaWalk/FnkN’!” (feat. Kamilah) (prod. Swarvy / iiye)

25. “Griptape’!!” (feat. Valee) (prod. Devin Burgess)

26. “Fkn Yo Friends’!” (feat. Zelooperz) (prod. nephew hesh)

27. “SLOW’!!” (feat. Turich Benjy) (prod. IMdead)

28. “SlowitDown” (feat. Anwalk, Tyah, Remy Banks, Big Rube) (prod. Noel Spiva & iiye)

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