Rob Zombie shares first look at Herman and Lily Munster,


Rob Zombie is continuing to take the slow-burn approach at teasing his upcoming The Munsters reboot. He recently shared a behind-the-scenes photo of the movie, showcasing a look at Grandpa (Daniel Roebuck), Lily (Sheri Moon Zombie) and Herman Munster (Jeff Daniel Phillips).

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So far, Zombie‘s The Munsters reboot doesn’t have an official release date, so these photos will have to satiate fans for the time being. However, the film did recently receive a PG rating from the Motion Picture Association.

“A view from my monitor. Three very tired Munsters trying to conserve their energy between takes,” Zombie writes in the description. “It’s been a tough one for this trio. Three hours in makeup — 14 hours of shooting — one hour of clean up. Then a drive back to the hotel, grab a few zzz and straight back on set. It’s definitely the end of a long day here. Outside the stage, the [sun] is definitely beginning to rise. Working from sunrise to sunrise. Cheers to these three for always bringing the thunder.”

Previously, Zombie has shared photos of everything from building the sets to cast reveals.

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