Steven Tyler New Police Station Photo Leaks


Steven Tyler has lived the life of a rockstar to the fullest. Much of his stay within the rock and roll hotel has seen him in trouble with the law on multiple occasions. Some occasions were a bit worse than others. That said, as Steven Tyler has aged, he has slowed down and shown his appreciation to the law who was once out for him.

It is always great when celebrities go out to make public appearances; sometimes they even stop at a local public safety department to show their appreciation. Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler struggled with use problems due to pain after his recent foot surgery. Because of this, in late May, Steven Tyler entered a rehab program and Aerosmith canceled multiple shows for their residency in Las Vegas.

Recently, Steven Tyler made a public appearance for one of the first times since entering the rehab program. After he made some small appearances, Tyler stopped by the Marshfield Police Department to show his appreciation.

The police department would take to Facebook and say: “The circle of life … we all want to be pro athletes, pro athletes want to be movie stars, movie stars want to be Rock Stars and Rock Stars want to be cops….. well…..”DREAM ON”……..Mr. Tyler….. that desk you’re at is taken!”

Fans were almost ready to call Steven Tyler an officer of the law, but the rock and roll life just has not stopped for Steven Tyler. It’s very clear that he has no desire to be a full fledged police officer. Although, it’s funny to think about what getting pulled over on the road would be like if it was Steven Tyler being the one to come up to the window and ask if you knew how fast that you were going.

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