Stone Temple Pilots Reveal Layne Staley Video Story


There has always been mutual respect in Grunge music even though it didn’t seem that way. In one corner, Kurt Cobain was throwing shade at everybody, and on the other side, Eddie Vedder was embracing the likes of Chris Cornell and Billy Corgan. The case was that so many got involved in the movement so quickly. The original fans seemed to gate-keep while newer fans just wanted to see what was going on. This unheard Stone Temple Pilots material was recently revealed.


Stone Temple Pilots was one of the bands that were the punchline to many jokes (pre-Creed). Many original fans felt that the band was a cash grab on the sound. Thankfully, Jeff Gutt set the record straight in his way on how he came to be a fan of the sound and how none of the back and forth really mattered at the end of the day.

The question was asked: “What is your take on how Stone Temple Pilots got thrown into the whole grunge movement? For me, a band like Stone Temple Pilots and Alice In Chains were an extension of where rock music was headed.

“I think it was more of the timing, where everything in 1992 started to shift. Before that, there was a lot of hair metal and a lot of that I wouldn’t call pop music, but it was music about partying. The songs that came out at this time became more about the pain and truth in things. There was a realistic attitude towards music that wasn’t there before and Stone Temple Pilots wrote songs about that so by default I think that is why they got lumped in with the whole grunge movement.

I was a huge fan of Alice In Chains at that time too and Layne Staley was just incredible. I remember at that time I would ride my bike to the guy who played drums with me at the time, and we would sit around and watch the Live Facelift video in awe. I have such fond memories of the music at that time.”

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