Ted Nugent Savagely Attacked By Joan Jett


Joan Jett & the Blackhearts frontwoman Joan Jett recently took note of the comments of Ted Nugent regarding her. Joan Jett is one of the women who upscaled in the scene with boldness.

Jett didn’t rise to such heights of success without enraging a few critics along the way, which also included the highly polarizing musician Ted Nugent. In December last year, Nugent commented on Jett’s inclusion on the aforementioned Rolling Stone list in a YouTube video, where he said (via NME):

“You have to have shit for brains and you have to be a soulless, soulless prick to [include] Joan Jett.”

Joan Jett responds to the remarks

In a new feature interview with NME in which Jett and her career-long manager Kenny Laguna talked about the musician’s latest acoustic album “Changeup”, the dauntless rockstar was asked to comment on Nugent’s claims that Jett shouldn’t have been included in the list, where she said: “Neither should he.”

After efficiently making her point with this initial harsh response, Jett went on to elaborate, alluding to a story of Nugent’s supposed efforts to evade the Vietnam War draft as she made her case against Nugent’s “tough guy” persona:

Is that his implication that he should be on the list instead of me? Well, that’s just typical – it’s what I’ve dealt with my whole life, being written off. Ted Nugent has to live with being Ted Nugent. He has to be in that body, so that’s punishment enough.

“He’s not a tough guy. He plays tough guy, but this is the guy who shit his pants – literally – so he didn’t have to go in the Army.”

Joan Jett is celebrated as one of rock’s foremost icons, and has since been bestowed with many honors, only some of which include her 2015 induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and being listed among Rolling Stone’s “100 Greatest Guitarists” by David Fricke.

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