Tim Kasher shares horror-influenced “Forever Of The Living Dead” featuring


Tim Kasher of Cursive and the Good Life has shared his new single “Forever Of The Living Dead.” The track features Jeff Rosenstock and Against Me!‘s Laura Jane Grace and is accompanied by an eerie animated video.

“Forever Of The Living Dead” is the second single from Kasher‘s new solo album, Middling Age, arriving April 15.

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Kasher spoke at length about the new song, as well as the music video, in a press release.

“Forever of the Living Dead” is the closing track, and so, [it] attempts to sum up the various tangents of mortality and existentialism the album explores. It’s closer to stream-of-consciousness than most writing I do, using absurdist imagery to express, well, my abstract thoughts on aging, I suppose. As stream-of-consciousness goes, I’m not entirely sure just what it’s about at times. But it maintains a tone, and I’d like to think that tone reflects the album and the weight of our passage of time.

I recruited both Laura Jane Grace and Jeff Rosenstock to help out on this song, with Laura singing the second verse and Jeff playing a sax solo for an extended outro. Phenomenal stuff. Eric Stafford made the brilliant video, leaning hard into the absurdist imagery by creating a narrative of two zombies seeking one another out. I love what he’s done, and now I picture the video when I play the song, which is how a great video should work, in my opinion.

Check out the visual below, and preorder Middling Age here.

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