Tool Replace Member In New Music Release


Tool drummer Danny Carey revealed that bassist Justin Chancellor replaced Paul D’Amour on the new “Opiate 2” video and song release, celebrating the original’s 30th anniversary. The blu ray arrives tomorrow.

He told Cleve Scene, “On tour, we’re not doing the full version of ‘Opiate2’ we just released because it’s really long. And we want to give people more songs. We pulled out certain elements of it. [The new version] is more centered around the video.

It’s almost like we edited the song to the picture. It has a twist to it. It has a little more improv going on in the middle. It’s a lot of fun to play. It has a little more energy. There is more electronic improvisation in the middle, but the basic framework is still there. We wanted to update it a bit. [Bassist] Justin [Chancellor] is on it too, which is nice. We did it in the same room at the same time at my space, which was kind of nice too. I just got my studio up and running. It made it a lot of fun. I got to break in my new toys.”

It doesn’t look like Tool is lacking in the money department as a new video showcases just how much they have to flaunt around. In a recent video that was posted up to the Adam Jones Instagram account – we see a crew member punting a ball into a basketball hoop. While this is something to get excited about, it’s hard to not notice what’s going on in the very background of the video that has harnessed tons of attention and views.

Behind the crew member in the video with the strong legs, we see shiny new busses. Of course, it just wouldn’t be a huge rock band entering into an arena without one of those. You would be right to assume that, but it’s not one bus. No, not at all. It’s much more than that. You are looking at five shiny and brand-new buses in the video. When you account for the crew, it would be believed that they are not on the busses. The crew most likely are using their transportation to get to and from any shows that the band has along the way this year. If the crew isn’t taking private busses; that means that the main lineup in Tool is more than likely taking separate busses to arrive and leave at shows. This may seem a bit harsh at first because you would imagine that a band is full of people who just want to be around one another all of the time. Wrong.

Tool is like a married couple, but the married couple is more than just two people. Of course, the band would need some kind of privacy and get always from each other when it’s possible. The busses still look great though either way. Check out the video clip below.

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