Two ‘Kingdom Hearts’ games are in the works, including a


Kingdom Hearts‘ 20th anniversary trailer has revealed two new games in the works. Kingdom Hearts IV is now in development, and Square Enix also announced a new Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link mobile game.

Developers announced the new games at the Kingdom Hearts anniversary event in Tokyo, Japan. There is also a trailer that gives fans a closer look at the new video games.

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Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link will allow players to go on adventures from the realm of Scala ad Caelum in the real world. The upcoming mobile game is set to have a closed beta sometime this year.

Kingdom Hearts IV will see series protagonists Sora, Donald Duck and Goofy return for a new storyline, dubbed the “Lost Master Arc.” It will also have a more realistic art style as compared to earlier iterations of the game.

Along with those familiar faces, the trailer introduced a “mysterious new character,” Strelitzia. The character will also appear in the new journey with Sora.

Check out the Kingdom Hearts 20th anniversary trailer below.

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