Armed For Apocalypse Reveals New Album Details


Armed For Apocalypse Reveals New Album “Ritual Violence” Details; Shares First Single “Full Of Phlegm”

Uncompromising sludge juggernaut Armed For Apocalypse have announced their third album, “Ritual Violence,” is set for release on 7th October via Candlelight Records.

Serving as a punishingly-heavy taster for their new album, the band have released first single “Full Of Phlegm,” a blistering track that embodies the feeling of guilt and shame brought on by the decisions we make when we are in an intoxicated state.

The band comments on the new album: “‘Ritual Violence’ was written in a time where everything seemed to be hopeless. A lot of the songs on the album revolve around an overall theme of being stuck in an inescapable self destructive rabbit hole, and the struggle to break free of those habits.”

Ritual Violence, which sees the band at their most aggressive and unrelenting, is both a product and expression of their never-die attitude. It’s the album Armed for Apocalypse always wanted to make, with the engineer they wanted to make it Kurt Ballou, God City (Converge, High On Fire, Every Time I Die ) and the label they wanted to partner with, Candlelight Records. Featuring guest appearances from Andreas Kisser (Sepultura) on track “Foredoomed” and Trevor Phipps (Unearth) on “Suffer For A Living,” it is Armed for Apocalypse refined to its purest form: 0 percent frills,100 percent heavy riffs.


1: Under My Shame
2: Frail
3: Full Of Phlegm
4: Hourglass
5: Lifeless
6: Live Through The Storm
7: Foredoomed
8: Thieves Of Existence
9: Suffer For A Living
10: Flesh And Blood
11: Eternally Broken

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