BAD WOLVES Recruits ICE NINE KILLS Vocalist For New Version


Bad Wolves is now streaming their new digital EP If Tomorrow Never Comes. The EP features the single “If Tomorrow Never Comes” from Dear Monsters, as well as an acoustic version of the song and a rework featuring Ice Nine Kills vocalist Spencer Charnas.

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“‘If Tomorrow Never Comes’ is a song about self-reflection and asking oneself who would show up to your funeral and what would they say about you,” said vocalist Daniel “DL” Laskiewicz. “It was a lot of fun to incorporate Spencer Charnas’s vocals into the song. We’ve wanted to collaborate with him, and it came out better than we could’ve ever imagined.

“It’s got an energetic tempo and the message behind it is to remind the listener that none of us are guaranteed to wake up tomorrow so live each day with integrity, no regrets and to be present and treat today like it might be your last. We’re excited for fans to hear our new takes on this song in this new EP.”

“The history between Ice Nine Kills and Bad Wolves goes way back, so a track together was long overdue,” added Charnas. “It was a blast to add to an already incredible song with an important message about living for today. I was stoked to hear how the final collaboration came together. Honored to have a part in the history of this killer record as the boys continue their path to dominating modern rock!”

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