DISTURBED’s DAVID DRAIMAN Says New Album Is “Coming Soon”


Disturbed vocalist David Draiman recently revealed that the band had just completed recording their new album, as well as the titles for all 10 songs. Draiman then deleted the post and is back with a new one that simply promises the record is “coming soon.” The song titles Draiman revealed were:

  1. “Hey You”
  2. “Divisive”
  3. “Love To Hate”
  4. “Part Of Me”
  5. “Won’t Back Down”
  6. “Unstoppable”
  7. “Take Back Your Life”
  8. “Feeding The Fire”
  9. “Bad Man”
  10. “Don’t Tell Me”

Draiman recently compared the new material to The Sickness and Ten Thousand Fists, calling it “pummeling and rhythmic and aggressive and anthemic and poly-syncopated.”

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“We’ve come up with some unbelievable new material that is just pummeling and rhythmic and aggressive and anthemic and poly-syncopated — Disturbed 101, everything people fell in love with us for in the first place. It has really been a wonderful past couple of weeks, especially after two years of being apart, not being able to really create. You can create over Zoom or some shit like that but it’s not the same, that inspiration in the moment in front of each other — the magic, energy and electricity that occurs — nothing really compares to it. It was a welcome rush back into the system. Fucking amazing. It’s sounding somewhere between The Sickness and Ten Thousand Fists, for sure.”

Draiman added in another previous interview that Disturbed is “probably not gonna put out something in the traditional full-length; we’re probably gonna be doing two separate releases,” clarifying that each release would probably be about five or six songs. Though he did just refer to the new material as an “album,” so who knows. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

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