Dude Compares Deathcore Riffs Over The Past Two Decades In


YouTuber and musician Thomas Hogue sat down and made one crushing medley of everything from classic tracks by Job For A Cowboy and Carnifex to modern devastators like Brand Of Sacrifice and Lorna Shore. It’s interesting to hear how the genre has evolved over the past 20-ish years, though it does make us feel a little old. I mean seriously, remember when Job For A Cowboy released the Doom EP in 2005 and Myspace pretty much lost its collective mind?

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“Loved by scene kids, hated by metal gatekeepers, and misunderstood by the mainstream, deathcore was the black sheep of the metal world when it first emerged in the mid 2000s,” said Hogue. “It combined the abrasiveness of death metal with the breakdowns and tongue-in-cheek attitude of metalcore, at the time looked down on by much of the metal community.

“But if you look past the 0s and 1s, there is quite a bit of virtuosity on display especially as the genre has evolved. Modern deathcore bands continue to push the envelope on their quest for the sickest riff, nastiest breakdown, and deepest guttural. Have they succeeded, or were the 2000s the top of the mountain? You be the judge!”

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