Hexis Premiere New Music Video ‘Nunquam’


Hexis Premiere New Single & Music Video “Nunquam” From Upcoming New Album “Aeternum”

Denmark’s post black metal quartet Hexis premiere a new single and nusic video for “Nunquam”, taken from their upcoming new album “Aeternum”, which will be out in stores August 26th via Debemur Morti Productions. The new effort was recorded, mixed and mastered by Fredrik Nordström at Studio Fredman in Sweden.

Check out now “Nunquam” streaming via YouTube for you below.

Explains frontman Filip Andersen:

“I guess the kind of guitar riffing we have going on in this track is somewhat similar to what we were doing a lot back in the days when we started—a band like Switzerland’s Shora being a big inspiration. But I will still say, the compositional process for this song was really different than it used to be. For example, ‘Nunquam’ has a lot of smaller details and other things that we never focused too much on back in the day. Overall, it is just a lot better written. I guess you also can say that the song is more technical compared to what we have done before. Personally, the biggest difference for me is that I think my vocal work is a lot better than anything I have done previously. I really focused a lot on not making the vocal patterns too static/monotonous, since I have the feeling that a lot of our old material is suffering from this. It was very important for me to do something which was more alive and a little more all over the place, while still being ‘in your face’. Lyrically, the song is about feeling hopeless, and that the emotion of joy will never come back. So, since we are working with Latin titles on all our songs, ‘Nunquam,’ meaning ‘never,’ just felt like a fitting title.”

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