INFANTERIA Thrashes Through Their New Record Patriarch


South African and U.K. thrash band Infanteria is now streaming their new record Patriarch, just in case you day needed about 100% more headbanging than it currently has. The record is out this Friday, but why wait? You need thrash in the vein of old-school Overkill and you need it now, dammit!

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“Patriarch is an album defined by progression and contrasts,” said bassist Tim Leibbrandt. “It’s a culmination of the band’s past directions and takes things far beyond anything we’ve done before. It pushes the boundaries of what people expect a thrash album to sound like. The new songs are a journey, alongside the intense riffing is a new focus on musical passages and atmosphere. Songs can veer from crushingly heavy to hauntingly sparse. The performances are personal bests across the board.”

Follow Infanteria here.

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