Is Disturbed’s New Record a Covers Album?


According to a post on frontman David Draiman‘s Instagram today, Disturbed have wrapped up work on their new album. He also revealed what appear to be the song titles for the new record — which make us wonder if it’s a covers album.

Why? Well, look at the song titles, as per the hot tamales over at Metal Injection:

  1. Hey You
  2. Divisive
  3. Love To Hate
  4. Part Of Me
  5. Won’t Back Down
  6. Unstoppable
  7. Take Back Your Life
  8. Feeding The Fire
  9. Bad Man
  10. Don’t Tell Me

All of these are the titles, or seem to reference the titles, of famous rock songs. “Hey You” is obviously the name of a Pink Floyd song, “Won’t Back Down” immediately makes us think of Tom Petty, and “Unstoppable” is a well-regarded song by Sia, who did “Chandelier.” We’re actually kind of stoked by the idea of the band doing “Love to Hate,” a Slayer song that would be extremely cool to hear as a Disturbed cover (it’s a lesser-known mid-paced track from Diabolus, so it fits the Chicago band’s style very well).

For the record: this is all the proof that we have. We’re not trying to start a rumor here. It just made us wonder, to see this post.

We’re not trying to cast shade or start rampant speculation here — when we saw “Hey You,” we thought, Man, that’s 100% a song that Disturbed would cover, and it got us thinking. Disturbed are definitely known for their covers, including “The Sound of Silence” and “If I Ever Lose My Faith In You,” so it would make sense.

That said, the band also recently did an interview which seems to disprove this idea, with Draiman saying:

“We’ve come up with some unbelievable new material that is just pummeling and rhythmic and aggressive and anthemic and poly-syncopated — Disturbed 101, everything people fell in love with us for in the first place. It has really been a wonderful past couple of weeks, especially after two years of being apart, not being able to really create. You can create over Zoom or some shit like that but it’s not the same, that inspiration in the moment in front of each other — the magic, energy and electricity that occurs — nothing really compares to it. It was a welcome rush back into the system. Fucking amazing. It’s sounding somewhere between The Sickness and Ten Thousand Fists, for sure.”

Guess we’ll see. But for the record, we’re not against the idea of a covers album. That shit would actually be pretty interesting.

Check out Draiman’s post below:

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