KING DIAMOND’s Album Will Be Out Before New MERCYFUL FATE,


King Diamond has been working on his new album for a few years now, and even released a song called “Masquerade Of Madness” in 2019. Now in an interview with Creem, King Diamond has revealed he and Metal Blade Records CEO Brian Slagel plan to release a new album prior to the new Mercyful Fate album. He also adds that “Masquerade Of Madness” probably won’t even be on the album and that “it’ll be all new songs.”

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“We’re working on it. Brian Slagel at Metal Blade said he wants the King Diamond album to be released first. We’re not going to change things just because everything has been postponed, and now it’s Mercy playing live. [King Diamond guitarist] Andy [LaRocque] sent me eight songs of his for the King Diamond album, but that’s maybe enough for his share for two albums. The story will be over two albums. I don’t even think ‘Masquerade of Madness’ will be on the album. It’ll be all new songs.”

King Diamond also reiterated that the new record will be set in an insane asylum during the ’30s alongside the advent of some less-than-fantastic medical procedures meant to “help” patients. As for a timetable of the new record, Diamond said he’ll be working on getting it done once Mercyful Fate is off the road.

“It’s going to be totally asylum 1930s, the pioneering of experimenting with human beings, medically, and all this sick shit like that,” he said. “We want to do some stuff onstage… I don’t want to say it now because it has to be a surprise. But it’s going to be very horror. When this is done with Mercy here, we will focus 150% on King Diamond, getting it all done and recorded.”

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