LO-PAN Drummer Diagnosed With Cancer, GoFundMe Launched


Lo-Pan drummer Jesse Bartz has unfortunately been diagnosed with cancer and has since undergone surgery to remove disease found in his tonsils. A GoFundMe has since been launched to help with his medical bills, and you can donate to that effort here.

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“Jesse is having surgery today. Please send good vibes to him and his family as they begin the journey to eradicate the beast. Thank you to everyone who has donated or sent kind words, it means the world to Jesse, his family, and us. Although we have surpassed the original goal on the gofundme page, please don’t let that stop you from donating if you can. Costs will stack up and he’s going to need the help. ️”

An update found on the GoFundMe from April 13 confirmed that Bartz’s surgery was successful, and that he was held overnight for monitoring.

“Jesse is out of surgery and the source of cancer has been found in his tonsils. They have been removed with additional tissue in that area. He will stay overnight for monitoring and hopefully go home tomorrow. The next phase of treatment will be radiation and possible chemo to dissolve the cancer cells caught up in the neck lymph nodes. His doctor says this course of treatment is highly effective.”

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