Michael and Rudolf Schenker Are On Very Different Wavelengths About


Damn, it sounds like Scorpions’ Rudolf Schenker and former UFO member and guitar legend Michael Schenker have very different ideas about their sibling relationship. Quotes from each of the brother popped up on our newsfeeds this morning, and damn if they don’t kind of cancel each other out.

In a recent interview with Guitar World, Rudolf said the following:

“I tell you one thing: I love my brother. He can say whatever he wants to say. He’s an amazing guitar player, an amazing person – whatever he wants to say, why not say it? [laughs] If that is what makes him happy, then okay. I wish him all the best.

“I think, sooner or later, we will all be friends again and we will play together again. My life is too happy to put myself into a dustbin over it. I want to live in the sky. I am so happy for my life.”

There you go! What a good brother, right?

But wait! Here’s what Michael recently told the Metal Voice podcast:

“Rudolf, my brother, is a bully, and I don’t trust him. I don’t hang out or don’t make contact with bullies, neither [are] good. I don’t think you like to… I don’t any normal person would, you know, it’s just [that] I don’t feel – I don’t feel comfortable. Just simply, I don’t trust him. That’s it. You know, if if I would make contact with him, he would carry on exactly where he stopped last, you know, it’s just bad.”

Damn, son! On the one hand, this feels very incongruous…but what we’ll also say is that bullies often have a very different perception of how the people around them perceive them than how those people actually do perceive them. Bullies rarely think everyone hates them — that’s why they’re bullies, because they think they rule. Then again, who knows? Maybe Michael will swing back around in the near future.

You can check out Michael Schenker’s video interview below:

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