Gimme Metal Program Director Brian Turner delivers the week’s top five office buzz-worthy tracks.

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Evil Invaders – “Die For Me”

A Belgian battery of melodic speed with some elements of Priest chug, Evil Invaders’ latest Shattering Reflection ups the classic metal game with phased guitars, Joe’s explosive screech and an extreme slant on all things traditional. Look out for them April 12th 8am PT/11am ET/5pm CET as they bring some faves to the Gimme jukebox and get in the chat with them.

Misery Index – “Eaters and the Eaten”

With their Complete Control LP out May 15th, Misery Index are roaring back with death/grind fury that keep them alongside contemporaries like The Black Dahlia Murder and their ilk. Full-force barrage of survival-claw in the face of adversity, done with grace and elan. Look out for their Gimme takeover on the horizon May 17!

The Ocean – “Primal (State of Being)”

While Lustmord is a fellow you might not see namedropped in the metal canon so much, he is an undeniable stamp on your Godfleshes and Ulvers of today. Lustmord AKA Brian Williams emerged in the nacent industrial scene in 1980 connected to Chris and Cosey, Current 93 and SPK but developed into a reigning godfather of dark ambience. The Others features deconstructions of his compositions by the likes of Enslaved, Ihsahn, Steve Von Till and may more. This particular piece with The Ocean offers stark evidence of Lustmord’s legacy and the wings he gave to today’s modern metallic innovators to take the ball down the proverbial field.

Cryptworm – “Immense Cerebral Decomposition”

The filthiest thing from the UK since Derek and Clive, the Spewing Mephitic Putridity LP gives some insight to the state of that country’s Cannibal Corpse worship of 2022. Blasted, grisly, dumb as fuck wallowing with some titles that would make SCTV’s Queen Haters proud. Choogling along with this pile of gunk is a fun way to spend your half hour indeed before you have to gussy up and do your thing.

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Darkness Everywhere – “Darkness Everywhere”

In the realm of melodic based death, these Oakland cads have a good place scoped and settled in. Hyper thrash beats, grizzled vocals from the abyss but going up against some sun-stabbed and sweetened leads and a very appealing overall demeanor. They’ll be mannered at the dinner table, but, likely food will still fly across it at some point.

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