OVERKILL’s New Album Is “A Little Bit More Doomy”


Overkill is currently working on the follow-up to their 2019 album The Wings Of War, which according to bassist D.D. Verni is a little more doomy than usual. Verni said in an interview with Hardrock Heaven the new material has “a little bit more Sabbath-y kind of parts in it” and revealed that Colin Richardson (Kataklysm, Carcass, etc.) will mix the record .

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“Compared to the other ones… It’s hard to say. It’s maybe got a little bit more Sabbath-y kind of parts in it, a little bit more doomy. I know Colin Richardson’s gonna mix it. Poor Colin. We thought we were gonna do it, and then we pushed him off, and then we pushed him off again, and then we pushed him off again. And we said, ‘You know what? We’ll call you when we’re ready.’

“So whenever that’s gonna be, we’ll call him again. But we’re psyched about that ’cause he’s just great. He’s a great mixer and a great producer. So if nothing else, it’ll sound great.”

Verni added that the entire new Overkill record is the band’s first to be done completely remotely, which isn’t surprising given the pandemic over the past few years. The new Overkill record is due out sometime around April 2023.

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