Ozzy to Undergo Surgery Monday that Will “Determine the Rest


Man, right now Ozzy‘s wife and longtime manager Sharon Osbourne does not seem terribly confident about his health. In April, when metal’s prince of darkness contracted COVID, Sharon said she was “very worried.” Now, Sharon has revealed that Ozzy will have surgery on Monday that is going to change his life from hereon out.

On the new edition of TV show The Talk, host Vanessa Feltz said she was concerned to hear about Ozzy’s upcoming surgery. Sharon responded with the following:

“He has a very major operation on Monday. I have to be there and it’s really going to determine the rest of his life. My son is also going to have a daughter in about three weeks, and also it’s our 40th wedding anniversary and July 1.”

First and foremost, let me take a moment to say mazel tov to Jack, Ozzy and Sharon’s son, on his impending fatherhood (I know he’s already a dad, but kudos on becoming a dad again). Similarly, we know Kelly Osbourne, Ozzy and Sharon’s daughter, is expecting a baby with Slipknot’s Sid Wilson, so congrats all around. Lots to be thankful for in this family.

Finally: we hope this operation on Monday goes smoothly, and that its effect on Ozzy’s life is beneficial, or at the very least uneventful. Our hearts go out to him and his family.

Okay, here’s our little fan gripe: it seems like ‘Ozzy’s health is in peril’ is sort of becoming Sharon’s new perpetual topic. I know the Osbournes are a family that lives in the spotlight — hell, they pretty much coined what we now think of as reality TV — but it feels like once a month, there’s a stir of, Ozzy’s in a lot of trouble. Which feels a little like turning it into a circus, or a hot topic, even if it is an ongoing aspect of her life. On the one hand, maybe I’m the media turning this into something that it isn’t. On the other hand, if you keep feeding the media these bits of desperate it-doesn’t-look-good information, you’d be foolish to get angry at the media for noticing a pattern.

ANYway, again, good luck to Ozzy. Keep an eye out for the dude’s new album, which Sharon says is coming out in September.

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