Photos: Rob Zombie’s Munsters Sets Look Incredible


From the get-go, it’s been clear that Rob Zombie‘s adaptation of TV horror-comedy The Munsters was going to be a big production. From his blueprints of the Munster family home at 1313 Mockingbird Lane to his elaborate costume designs, Zombie’s teased audiences with just how much effort (and money, damn…) is going into this film. Now, Rob has shared a series of shots from the set of the movie, and holy crap does the Munsters’ house look awesome!

As you’ll see in the photos below, the sets of The Munsters are really going all-out in depicting the lush, classic look of the family’s home. Between the bat-winged armchair to the coffin-shaped armoire, it’s very clear that Rob is having a field day with this production, adding all the Hammer Horror flare that he’s been secretly wanting to do while depicting gore circuses and Murder Rides. Given that the movie is rated PG, we’re glad to see Zombie’s sense of overkill is being given a chance to flourish somewhere:

Says Rob via his Instagram:

“Some random set construction happening today. These sets are going to be absolutely insane.”

Star Jeff Daniel Phillips added in the comments:

“The Budapest Production Designer & her Art Department went so beyond expectations-just so detailed, lush & gothic, can’t wait until audiences see their work!”

Check out the photos below, via Rob’s Instagram. And for the record, if that bat-winged chair from Photo #7 ever goes up for auction, we are willing to stab you in the face for it.

The Munsters will star Jeff Daniel Phillips, who has also had a role in every Zombie flick since Halloween II, as Herman Munster, while Zombie’s wife, Sheri Moon Zombie, takes on the role of Lily Munster. Dan Roebuck, another Zombie regular, plays Grandpa Munster. Also in the film will be Zombie favorite Richard Brake as mad scientist Dr. Henry August Wolfgang and Lost star Jorge Garcia as his hunchbacked assistant Floop.

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