Soulfly Drop New Single “Scouring The Vile” Featuring Obituary’s John


Last month, groove metallers Soulfly announced their latest full-length album, Totem, and dropped the massive first single “Superstition.” Now, the band are back with another new song, this one featuring guest vocals by John Tardy from death metal legends Obituary.

The new song, “Scouring The Vile,” is a solid example of how Soulfly have evolved beyond their early jumpdafuckup nu-metal roots. Sure, those albums were cool, but the mixture of death metal, thrash, and groove that the band have adopted since then is, in my mind, much more interesting, and gets closer to the spiritual heart of what the band’s about. It’s easy to say that a bunch of pierced dudes bouncing in the pit are “primitive,” but it’s harder to look at the human animal that lies in one’s soul. Soulfly could’ve churned out one semi-nu-metal record after another and made bank, but they didn’t, and for that we thank them.

Says frontman Max Cavalera of the track:

“‘Scouring the Vile’ is Soulfly’s personal fuck you letter to cancer! The lyrics are angered by the loss of loved ones. It was amazing to share the vocals with an old veteran, John Tardy of Obituary.“

As for the album itself, Max says:

“‘Totem’ is a celebration of the spiritual nature. It was a 2-year journey writing with Zyon. This album is about all the joy, the fun, and the anger in Metal.”

Check out the new song below, and then scroll down for album details. Soulfly’s Totem drops August 5th via Nuclear Blast and is available for preorder.

Soulfly’s Totem:

  1. Superstition
  2. Scouring The Vile
  3. Filth Upon Filth
  4. Rot In Pain
  5. The Damage Done
  6. Totem
  7. Ancestors
  8. Ecstasy Of Gold
  9. Soulfly XII
  10. Spirit Animal

Totem will be available in the following formats:

  • CD Jewelcase
  • Blue Cassette (Limited to 300)
  • Long Box 
  • Vinyl
  • Bundle

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