STEAKSAUCE MUSTACHE New Song And Video “Floppy Disk Function” Is


Is it time for a chaotic Friday? Why yes, yes, it is. As the weather and world events fluctuate, why not add a little extra zest into your life? Steaksauce Mustache is here to drop a saucy new song and video to spice up your senses by the name of “Floppy Disk Function.”

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Something odd is cooking in Medford, OR. Something sassy and saucy. Those already into the mathcore scene will probably recognize the name Steaksauce Mustache. They have been putting out sass since 2014 and are getting ready to unleash their latest full-length, All Juice, No Noise. The band incorporates that Dillinger Escape Plan sound that built the scene but with an oak cask of attitude and plenty of rock sensibility to go around. And this latest track is back with the… chaosauce.

“Floppy Disk Function” opens with those wonderful panic chords that mathcore loves. A little shot of adrenaline and the song settles into a punk rock kind of rhythm. The song does keep things fairly straightforward, though has no issue throwing in a stinger blast here and there. It builds more and more in intensity as it progresses, but its meaty, punk core remains.

The video is a trip where the band, I can only assume, have escaped from their Futurama head cases, are perched atop a toilet. Shortly, they are flushed off to another dimension. I do not wanna get too much into spoilers but there are hot dogs, a mighty battle with a baby, and alien technology. It is quite the trip and a lot of fun. It pairs with the song like a steak and a jammy red wine.

A quick note, I usually ask bands for a quote when doing these premieres. Steaksauce Mustache sent me a thesis, which can be read at the bottom of this article. It is very good, and I recommend everyone read it. Here is a snippet of the quote on “Floppy Disk Function”:

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“’Floppy Disk Function’ lyrically is one of our more straightforward and to-the-point songs. There’s not a lot of beating around the bush, or veiled mystique phrases that could be interpreted differently between listeners. A lot of the songs on All Juice, No Noise are woven together with cross contaminating lines, characters and shared topics, and this song’s focal point is one of the main threads sewn across the album. That topic being : The love/hate relationship with technology, and how it tends to influence our minds and lives in far more negative ways than good (I declare from my keyboard, ironically).”

All Juice, No Noise is dropping May 29 on Silent Pendulum Records. You can pre-order it here.

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