SYLOSIS Returns With New Single “Heavy Is The Crown”


Sylosis will headline the first-ever U.K. Pulse Of The Maggots Festival slated for August 10 at The Mill in Birmingham. In preparation for that live devastation, Sylosis is now streaming their new single “Heavy Is The Crown.” The band states they’re in the midst of working on a new record, and while “Heavy Is the Crown” is a rager for sure, it works better as a standalone single.

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“‘Heavy Is The Crown’ is the first of a trilogy of singles we’re releasing this year – these songs were developed during the writing of the next Sylosis record and although weren’t right for the album, are perfect for some standalone bangers. ‘Heavy Is The Crown’ is a song that all our fans can get into and also highlights some of the progression in the band’s sound.”

Stream “Heavy Is The Crown” here. U.K. Pulse Of The Maggots Festival will feature:

  • Sylosis
  • Orbit Culture
  • Heriot
  • Spirit World
  • Rough Justice
  • Thrown Into Exile
  • Cauldron
  • All Hail The Yeti

“We’re very excited to be back in Birmingham alongside some of the best upcoming talent in international metal,” said Middleton of the festival. “This is our first show of 2022 and one of our first back with new music…and there is more to come very soon! See you there!”

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