Unearthing the Metal Underground: Mosaic



Unearthing the Metal Underground: Germany’s Mosaic

Germany’s Mosaic has been making noise since 2005, and their earliest releases, including the stunning debut full-length “Old Man’s Wyntar,” represented a black metal band that wasn’t afraid to be bold and step outside of the lines of convention. Yes, it was primitive and bleak—adequately captured by a cold production aesthetic. And yet there were beautiful melodies and epic elements that were film score-like in nature. They’ve continued upon their own path through several releases including their significantly more experimental sophomore album, “Secret Ambrosian Fire,” that was released in 2019.

The Germans continue to travel the path of the avant-garde with their third full-length, “Heimatspuk,” though they are essentially doing so while returning to the more overtly recognizable black metal shell of their early days. Mosaic doesn’t try to scare its listeners with Satanic imagery nor representations of gore. Instead, there’s a truly creepy and haunting quality that’s akin to the mysterious, spine-chilling forests that drape a third of Germany. The album feels like a journey into the unknown, one that’s sometimes beautiful, sometimes completely unsettling. “Heimatspuk” is set for release through Eisenwald on April 22.

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Jay H. Gorania is a long time metal journalist and sings for Trench Warfare. He also writes for Blabbermouth and Hellbound.ca and has in the past edited for Pit and written for Metal Maniacs, Unrestrained!, Hails and Horns, AMP and Outburn as well as other media outlets.

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