We Have Andrew W


It’s no secret that we love the crap out of swampy death metal legends Obituary, and we honestly think they’ve released some of their best material since they reunited in 2003. And now, it appears that the dude we have to thank for that is none other than Kat Dennings’ fiancé, Andrew W.K.!

According to a recent interview with Chaoszine, Obituary drummer Donald Tardy says that it was Andrew’s diehard fandom that led the band to take the stage together once more and eventually reunite:

“I was on Ozzfest with Andrew, and we were playing in Florida and again, we were never not friends Obituary [even though we went on hiatus]. We still were hanging out watching sports together, you know, watching NASCAR, football, partying – but we just took a break from it. It was Andrew on the Ozzfest where, even though Andrew’s set was only for 30 minutes, and even though we only had a 30 minute set he said, ‘Do you think you think you guys would want to come out and do like, two Obituary songs?’

“And we did, and that literally sparked the flame back into how much my brother and Trevor realized how much it is to be touring. So you can half thank Andrew for being such a fan of Obituary that he invited us to do two songs on his stage with him.”

This is fucking rad! This is the kind of thing that makes us happy to be a metalhead. First of all, we’re big Andrew W.K. supporters — we thought last year’s God Is Partying was one of 2021’s best records, easily — and second, we love artists bringing up other artists and stoking creative fires! Kudos to Andrew, to Obituary — fuck, to everyone involved in this!

Check out the interview below, and then scroll down and check out a post-reunion Obituary track that makes our inner thighs sweat, every time.

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