WHITE WARD Auctions Off Vinyl Test Pressings To Benefit Ukrainians


Ukrainian metal band White Ward is auctioning off one vinyl test press for each of their two albums – Futility Report and Love Exchange Failure. All proceeds will go toward Ukrainians as they continue to fend off aggression by the Russian government.

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“Friends, you all know what is happening in Ukraine now,” said White Ward. “We try to support our country and the army as much as possible. That’s why we decided to put Futility Report and Love Exchange Failure test presses up for auction. These records were made just in few copies and never got sold. All money from the sales will go to support our country in this fight against Russian military aggression.”

Futility Report is available here and Love Exchange Failure here. Also, you really ought to check out White Ward if you’ve never heard them before. They’re great!

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