Agony In The Garden “Magnum Opus”


Agony In The Garden’s inception occurred on April of 2013 as a one man band with singer/songwriter multi-instrumentalist Mack Perry writing and recording all of Agony’s music. Releasing a debut four song EP, “Where Olympus Dwells,” in May, 2015. In Feb. 2016 Mack and Clint Lowery of Grammy Nominated Sevendust co-wrote 3 tracks. In September that same year the band released the single “Obsolete,” which was “a sonically hard-hitting metal rock tune that dazes the senses”.

In July of 2015 Mack appeared on the #1 web show in the world, The Jimmy Star Show with Ron Russell, featuring the title track of Agony’s premier EP, “Where Olympus Dwells.” The track was also included on the soundtrack for the film “Precision.” “Let It Burn” from the same EP was repeatedly featured on CBS Sports as well as The Super Bowl Live in 2016.

Agony’s music style fuses Rock, singer/songwriter and Blues incorporating poly-rhythmic guitar with “poetic song lyrics, that are compelling and socially relevant.” In a prior review Perry’s vocals were cited as “one of the best voices I’ve heard in years. Deep, rich with a bit of grit.”

Agony’s sound and techniques are high lit not only in the music but also demonstrated in various videos featuring Perry’s profound guitar technique and style. “Perry’s intricate rhythms and medieval feel remind me of Alter Bridge. The almost psychedelic, brilliant guitar calls to mind Dream Theater’s best music.”

With AITG’s arrival on the music scene Mack and Agony received various sponsorships and endorsements including CT Music Straps, Dean Markley Strings and WB Gear, supporting and proving his musical prowess.

What was the inspiration for your newly released single, Magnum Opus?

I was just thinking about life on the whole and what it would mean to describe your life to someone else or better yet the legacy we leave for those who would walk after us. There is no reason for us to go silently into that good night. 

What are you hoping people will get from the song?

Never curse the darkness, light candles eternal. A lone flame shines more brightly than the sun at midday. Personally, I would like their takeaway to be that your existence means more than you could possibly know or understand.   

Will you be touring in support of your singles?

Then plan is to do just that, permitting time and circumstance. Keep your eyes on the website for touring info. 

How many instruments do you play?

A minimum of six. In order from favorite to least favorite: Guitar, Vocals, Bass, Piano, Drums and lastly Clarinet (no as rocker I am not ashamed of this). 

What drives you?

I believe as a human that is a question that dogs our heels daily because it in fact changes daily, not so much the function but the rules. If I had to choose one divining rod insofar as that is concerned it would be improving the quality of life for everyone. 

Where do you hope to be in five years?

Some place happy, making others smile. 

What is next for Agony?

They’ll be a couple more singles released before summer is completed. In the fall I will be working with J.R. Richards, former lead singer of Dishwalla on a couple of tracks. To infinity and beyond. Lol! ​

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