Bobby Shmurda finally released from Epic Records deal


Bobby Shmurda has been released from his deal with Epic Records following numerous public complaints about the label.

Shmurda was originally signed to Epic in 2014 by executive L.A. Reid. However Reid exited the label in 2017 while Shmurda was serving a five-year prison sentence after pleading guilty to weapons charges.

Reid was replaced by Sylvia Rhone and last year, Shmurda complained about her running of the label. “I got a 70 year old lady running my label and I love her dearly but doesn’t want to let me go at alllllllll,” he reportedly wrote on social media.

“I did six years in jail trying to get off this label before I came home, you name one person in the industry a label keeps signed in jail for six years???? Yeah (I know). I made them more millions than they ever gave me!!! Just let me gooo.”

He then captioned the post “#FreeShmurda”

Earlier this week though, Shmurda took to Instagram to say he “just signed my release papers” and said he would be releasing new music independently in the near future. He also claimed to have made $1million (£760,000) in a single day.

After being released from jail last February, Shmurda released his first new track in seven years back in September – ‘No Time For Sleep’.

Ahead of the track, Shmurda explained the delay between his release from prison and releasing new music. “I’m Bizzy running round needed some time to breathe they had me locked up In the pins doing 23,” he wrote on Instagram alongside a series of photos.

In April 2021, Shmurda teased that he had some upcoming collaborations with DaBaby and Lil Uzi Vert and in July, he debuted new music during a five-track set at Rolling Loud Miami.

‘No Time For Sleep’ was followed by ‘Splash’, ‘Cartier Lens’ and ‘Shmoney’, which also featured Quavo and Rowdy Rebel.

Bobby Shmurda has also said that he wants to make a “strip club anthem” with Adele.

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