Inspo & Perreo: 4 Motivational Speeches Bad Bunny Gave at


Bad Bunny’s highly awaited El Ultimo Tour del Mundo has come to its end, wrapping a three-day stint at Miami’s FTX Arena on Sunday.

If the backstage videos shared by his dancers — in which Bunny is seen popping bottles of champs — are any indication, it was definitely a night full of celebration for Bunny. Especially because on Sunday night, while the Puerto Rican artist danced to “Safaera” in a pool of fans dressed in shark costumes, he was also named the 2022 Grammy winner for best música urbana album for El Ultimo Tour del Mundo.

Although the trek has come to its end, 35 sold-out shows later, Bad Bunny not only blessed fans with his pure perreo gems during his concerts, but also shared some food for thought.



See latest videos, charts and news

See latest videos, charts and news

Below, read some motivational speeches he gave throughout his Miami concert:

On Working Hard: “I dedicate this part of the show to all of those people who work day and night. Those who hustle for their family. To all of those students who study. All of those single mothers who are raising their children on their own. I’m telling you, don’t stop working.”

On Following Your Dreams: “Do what you feel in your heart you want to do. It can be a big goal or a small goal. You’re the only one who can give importance to that dream. If it’s important to you and it makes you happy, don’t stop doing it because that’s what keeps it alive. A lot of people supported me and others didn’t. It didn’t mean they didn’t like me, simply put they didn’t have the vision I had. I believed in myself every day, and here I am today.”

On Being Grateful: “I’m very grateful for my fans. I’ve always said it in all of my interviews but saying it at the concerts is special because I can feel you. Thank you for this energy. Everything I do is for you to have fun.”

On Mental Health: “No one can tell you how to feel. There’s always an exit, even if it seems impossible. After the bad days, there are always good days. Sometimes, to be able to smile, you have to cry first. Don’t be afraid to cry. Don’t be afraid of expressing yourself, to say what you feel. Don’t be afraid of being yourself. I hope tonight will be full of happiness and that you take it with you in your heart.”

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