Listen to Warpaint’s “pure” new love song, ‘Stevie’


Warpaint have shared a new track called ‘Stevie’ – you can listen to it below.

The song serves as the second preview of the Los Angeles band’s upcoming fourth album ‘Radiant Like This’, which arrives on May 6. Lead single ‘Champion’ came out back in January.

Speaking about their latest offering, Warpaint explained: “‘Stevie’ is a love song, pure and true. Sincere as it comes with a little bit of Freak. A cosmic celebration of the thing we all look for in life.”

The group went on to say that the romantic single is “our contribution to one of the most beloved song genres”.

‘Stevie’ arrives with an official kaleidoscopic “immersive” video created in collaboration with Fascinated By Everything, an art and technology collective that was founded by Chris Holmes.

“Thinking of visuals for ‘Stevie’ we weren’t seeing a story or a performance, but a kind of ‘Tunnel Of Love’ image kept coming to my head, more like waves of serotonin, what love feels like,” Warpaint’s Emily Kokal said.

“Right around that time Chris showed us what he was working on and it was like, ‘Woah, this is way more ‘Tunnel Of Love’ than we could’ve imagined!”

As for how the clip came together, Holmes added: “All of the visuals are made from physical objects, so all of the light colour and texture come from the real world and not just computer-generated graphics.

“It’s been such a joy to work with one of my favourite bands, Warpaint and collaborate to make some inter-dimensional kaleidoscopic beauty to radiate some love and light into this world.”

Speaking to NME in April 2021, Warpaint’s Theresa Wayman shared some details about the themes of the forthcoming ‘Radiant Like This’: “There’s a song from my higher self to my lower self on there, and a song about not needing to have anchors to anything.”

Check out the full album tracklist below.

1. ‘Champion’
2. ‘Hips’
3. ‘Hard To Tell You’
4. ‘Stevie’
5. ‘Like Sweetness’
6. ‘Trouble’
7. ‘Proof’
8. ‘Altar’
9. ‘Melting’
10. ‘Send Nudes’

Warpaint will showcase the record on their 2022 UK and Ireland headline tour this summer. You can find the full schedule and buy any remaining tickets here.

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